King Quilts – Duo


King: 245cm x 210cm

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THE QUILTS come in varying thicknesses equivalent to ½, 1, 2, 3 or 4 blanket warmth. On request we can also customise your bedding arrangements. Perhaps you share your bed with a cold frog and are constantly overheating under an extra thick quilt? We can custom make a quilt to be 4 blanket warmth on one side and 1 blanket warmth on the other – or any other combination you like. These customised quilts are also ideal for those on their own. Simply flip it over for summer coolness or winter warmth. Click here to order a custom quilt.

Custom made wool bedding, made from 100% local wool. Doona styled Quilts, Under Blankets, Pillows and Woolly Warmers made to order. Non-standard sizes for your caravan, campers or truck. All chemical free wool bedding.

Special size quilts and under blankets are available on requests.

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