About Us

In the beginning

When Shirley Mayfield was diagnosed with a chemical allergy in 1984 and was advised to use pure wool bedding, she couldn’t find any!
Exasperated, Shirley decided to experiment with different types of wool and material herself and after 5 years of trial and error and scientific assistance, “Aussie Wool Quilts” was born.
Shirley went on to produce exceptional chemical and allergy-free wool bedding for many years.
Decades on, licensees within Australia are determined to continue Shirley’s dream.

In 1991 Peter and Kath Lakey, third generation farmers at Shelbourne in Central Victoria, took out the very first licence with Shirley and manufactured Aussie Wool Quilts for 18 years.

And now…..

In 2009 we took over the licence from Peter and Kath when they retired, and are now manufacturing Aussie Wool Quilts on our farm near Boort in North Central Victoria.
We take pride in continuing to produce quality allergy and chemical free bedding; filled with 100% pure local wool and quilted with 100% cotton covers.
We’ve added a “washable” wool option and Woolly Warmers therapeutic heat pads to the existing doona-style quilts, under blankets and pillows.
We can also customise your special bedding requirements on request.

Who are we?

We’re Ian and Marilyn Lanyon and our families have been farming for generations. We’ve got 5 grown up kids scattered around Victoria, 8 grandkids, several very spoilt cats, some noisy geese, some happy chooks and a crazy cockatiel that sings the Collingwood theme song!

We employ a fabulous team of people from our local Boort community and love the rural life that we have the privilege to live.

We’ve farmed lots of different things over the years and we still grow cereal crops along with green tomatoes for our other manufacturing operation, Simply Tomatoes.

There’s never a dull moment on the farm, we can assure you! But in all things we do our motto is “Take small steps, and think big!”

Please be sure to contact us if we can help you with anything or indeed, if you’d like to visit the farm, we’d love to see you!